Beluga Whale Medallion

Beluga Whale Medallion


Beluga whales are a unique and fascinating species found throughout Alaska’s coastal waters. These small, white whales are highly vocal and communicate using a variety of clicks, whistles, and other sounds. They are known for their distinctive bulbous head and friendly demeanor, often approaching boats and kayaks to investigate and play. Beluga whales are found in estuaries, bays, and rivers throughout Alaska and are known for their playful behavior. They are often seen leaping out of the water or performing acrobatic maneuvers. Visitors to Alaska can observe beluga whales on guided tours or from the shore. Beluga whales are a beloved symbol of Alaska’s rugged wilderness and natural beauty, and their playful antics are sure to enchant anyone who encounters them.

This medallion, designed by Alaskan artist Christy Matthews is available in pure copper, golden bronze, 1 oz .999 fine silver, 1 oz single gold relief (24k plating on the front of the silver coin) and 1 oz double gold relief (24k gold plating on both sides). It is similar in size to a silver dollar and comes packaged in an airtight container and handsome gift box. The reverse features our popular “Land of the Midnight Sun” design.


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