2024 Official State of Alaska Moose Medallion in 24k Pure Gold

2024 Official State of Alaska Moose Medallion in 24k Pure Gold


2024 Official State of Alaska Bull Moose Medallions in 24k pure gold

The 2024 Official State Medallion was designed by Alaskan artist, Ira Levinton. Ira also designed several earlier years of this series. These multi-struck proof medallions are made of .999 fine gold and come in 5 different sizes, from 1/10 of an oz up to an “Alaskan Sized” 3 oz medallion that is a full 2 inches in diameter! They are packaged in an airtite container and gift box. The gold proof set contains 1 of each 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 and 1oz medallions in a single collectors box.

Our pure gold medallions are more expensive than standard gold bullion coins like the American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and others. This is due to the small quantity and high level of detail that we offer, we are a “boutique mint”, I like to say that minting coins is an expensive hobby.

Bull moose in Alaska are magnificent and iconic creatures, emblematic of the state’s vast wilderness and untamed beauty. Alaska is home to a thriving population of these massive herbivores, boasting the largest subspecies of moose, known as the Alaskan moose (Alces alces gigas). Bull moose, distinguished by their enormous size and impressive antlers, are a common sight in the state’s dense forests, marshy areas, and meadows. These powerful animals play a crucial role in the Alaskan ecosystem, shaping the landscape through their feeding habits and providing sustenance for natural predators like wolves and bears. Observing a bull moose in its natural habitat is a breathtaking experience, showcasing the wild splendor of Alaska’s wilderness and the resilience of its wildlife.


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