2.70ct Lab Grown Diamond in 14k White Gold

2.70ct Lab Grown Diamond in 14k White Gold


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2.70ct Lab Grown Diamond in 14k White Gold & Nuggets

This 2.70ct lab grown diamond ladies ring is crafted from 14k white gold. The ring features natural Alaskan gold nuggets, and a 2.70 carat VVS2 clarity G color lab grown center diamond mounted in a nice 4 prong setting that it is very strong and secure. This handmade ring weighs 7.9 grams. Ring Size: 6.5.

It includes an IGI certificate (International Gemological Institute) with the identification number laser engraved on the edge of the stone.

The cost for us to make this same ring with a mined diamond of the same size, color and clarity would be about $39,900.00 !!!

We only have 1 of these custom rings in stock, give us a call if you would like a similar ring with a different size or shape stone. (907) 278-8414

Ethical, Beautiful & Environmentally Responsible. Lab grown or cultured diamonds are authentic diamonds in every sense. For instance, all their physical, chemical, optical, and atomic properties are identical to those of mined diamonds. The only difference is that they make them above ground instead of below ground. Additionally, lab-grown diamonds are absolutely real diamonds; they consist of pure crystallized carbon in the isometric cubic system. A small diamond seed serves as the foundation for creating each lab-grown diamond. Ethically sourced and conflict-free. In a controlled environment, they create lab-grown diamonds using conditions similar to those found in nature, such as pressure and temperature.

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