Facts about our Alaskan Knives

Alaskan Knives

We get our knives from a few different sources, most of them are Alaskan. The Alaskan Ulu knife (pronounced oolu) is patterned after the knives that early Native Alaskans have used for thousands of years. They usually come with a base so the knife can be proudly displayed on a counter or shelf, we sell many of these to be used as awards with information engraved on the blade. We also have folding “pocket knives”, as well as hunting and fishing knives that come with a custom leather sheath. Many of our knives are appropriate to use in your kitchen. Most of the knives that we sell are very beautiful works of art, but the knife makers remind us that they are made to use (just don’t put them in the dishwasher!)  Our knives and ulus feature handles made of wood, bone, ivory, Alaska Native artifacts, and sometimes even jade.

Bob Merry Studios – We have known Bob and his family for many years. Not only does he make beautiful knives and ulus, but he tries to make a yearly hunting trip for caribou and moose where he will also gather antlers that are naturally shed by these animals for his handles.

Scrimshaw pocket knives by Dennis Sims – Dennis buys the bone handle knives pre-made and then puts the scrimshaw artwork on them, this helps to keep them very affordable.

Ulu Factory – Located a few blocks from our store, the Ulu Factory makes their own brand of Ulu knives on location near the Alaska Railroad Depot on Ship Creek. Their knives are moderately prices and are a “must have” gift from Alaska.

We buy knives and ulus from a few other artists as well, many of these are purchased in small quantity.