Facts about Gold Quartz

Gold Quartz, or Gold-Bearing Quartz is one of the world’s rarest gemstones that is formed with natural gold as the inclusions! It is found underground by hard rock miners in only a few locations in the world.
This unique formation is mined down to 2,500 feet below the earth’s surface. The natural veins of gold were formed by hydrothermal pressure deep within the earth millions of years ago. The quartz comes in various colors and sometimes contains other minerals. Pearl white is considered the most desirable and is used in our jewelry.
When the quartz contains a rare gold dispersion, an exquisite piece of jewelry can be created. The quartz rocks are cut into slabs to expose the veins. These slabs are then hand cut and polished into stones. The stones are set into specific 14k white and yellow gold designs to enhance the natural flow of the gold and bring out their beauty. Each gemstone of quartz crystal is one-of-a-kind. Most people have never seen gold quartz which makes it a unique and special gift. In fact, gold quartz is so rare that there is not enough to have even one piece in every jewelry store in America.