Super Cub on Skis Aviation Medallion

Super Cub on Skis Aviation Medallion


Flying in Alaska with wheel skis provides a thrilling and unique experience. As the aircraft takes off from the snow-covered runway, the specialized wheel skis effortlessly glide across the frozen terrain, allowing for smooth and controlled movement. The vast and picturesque Alaskan landscape unfolds below, with towering mountains, icy lakes, and dense forests creating a breathtaking panorama. The versatility of wheel skis enables pilots to land and take off from remote areas, opening up opportunities for exploration and adventure in Alaska’s rugged wilderness. Whether soaring over glaciers or navigating through narrow valleys, flying with wheel skis in Alaska offers an exhilarating way to witness the untamed beauty of this remarkable state.

This medallion features a Super Cub with wheel skis heading to a glacier landing. It is available in golden bronze, pure copper, 1 ounce .999 fine silver, 1 oz single gold relief (24k plating on front of the silver coin) and 1 oz double gold relief (24k gold plating on both sides). It is similar in size to a silver dollar and is packaged in an airtight container and handsome gift box. The reverse features our popular “Land of the Midnight Sun” design.


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