Pure Silver Skull 2-D Small

Pure Silver Skull 2-D Small



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Halloween is most known for giving candy and treats, but it’s also a great occasion to give family and friends some spooktacular gifts.

Four out of five dentists surveyed recommend giving silver and gold instead of candy for Halloween.

What will we think of next. Our skull shaped silver ingot weighs about 2 troy oz. of pure .999 fine silver and is almost 1.25″ inch across. We made a special mold for this 2-dimensional ingot and pour it right here in our shop.  It comes packaged in a plastic skull case with a certificate of authenticity showing the weight and fineness of the metal.

If you would like this same skull in pure 24k gold, we estimate that the weight would be about 4 troy ounces and the price would be approximately $9,000.00!

Product Code: ASSAYSKULL

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