Gold Quartz Square Ring Inlaid with Natural Nugget

Gold Quartz Square Ring Inlaid with Natural Nugget


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Check out this unique gold quartz ring square inlaid center design with natural nugget.

Natural 22Kt Gold nuggets soldered into place by hand, not copies of gold nuggets cast into place. Gold Quartz dimensions: approximately 8x8mm. Measurement of stone only, not including surrounding gold. Solid 14k gold, not plated. Average weight: 8 grams. Ring size: 11 If you’re looking for different size please call for pricing information. Ring top width: 11.7mm (at widest point). Ring band width: 2.8mm (at narrowest point).

“Gold Bearing Quartz” is a natural gemstone that is usually mined deep underground. Finding snowy white quartz with visible veins of pure gold is extremely difficult. Most of the time, gold mined in quartz is found in microscopic amounts, not at all visible. This very rare stone is cut into slabs, revealing the gold vein. They are then cut, shaped, polished and mounted into a 14k yellow gold mounting. Because of the veining of the gold, each piece of jewelry is one of a kind! We make this rare stone into wonderful pieces for both men and women in rings, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, and anything else you might imagine.

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