Gold Nugget Engraved Bail Pendant

Gold Nugget Engraved Bail Pendant


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Gold Nugget Engraved Bail Pendant

This gold nugget engraved bail pendant is set in 14k yellow gold. The pendant features an Alaskan natural gold nugget and an engraved bail. This pendant is 1″ wide at its widest and is about 1 3/4 tall including the bail.

The pendant comes with a gold plated chain in a nice box. It shows up ready to give to someone special, even if that special someone is you.

On any given day, local gold miners will come into our shop throughout the year with the gold nuggets they mined that season. We look through their stash and choose the very best nuggets to make into pendants. Miners extract these natural pieces of “placer gold” from the rivers and streams around Alaska. Otherwise known as the “Klondike”. Finding gold nuggets in their natural state is very rare. In fact, gold nuggets constitute only 2% of all found gold. These nuggets themselves will vary in purity from about 75% to 95% pure gold, or 18k-22k. Other minerals, such as silver and platinum, can sometimes mix in with these completely natural pieces. We have one of the largest selections of gold nugget pendants in the world. Look through our collection today and find one that speaks to you!

Gold Nugget Information:

Formation of Gold Nuggets: Geological processes deep within the Earth’s crust form gold nuggets. Miners typically find gold nuggets in quartz veins or other mineral deposits. Over time, weathering and erosion can break these deposits apart, releasing gold particles and nuggets into rivers and streams. Each piece is one of a kind with no two being exactly alike.

Where to Find Gold Nuggets: Regions with a history of gold mining, such as Alaska, California, Canada, and Australia, can produce gold nuggets. Wherever the effects of erosion took place. That would include rivers, streams, ancient dried up river channels and underground riverbeds. They call this type of gold placer gold.

Equipment and Tools: From gold pans and suction dredges that act like an underwater vacuum cleaner, to heavy equipment loading dirt and gravel into large trommels and sluice boxes, people search for gold. Additionally, metal detectors are particularly useful for locating gold nuggets hidden underground.

Identifying Gold Nuggets: Gold nuggets vary in size, shape, and purity. They can be small flakes or large, irregularly shaped pieces. Natural gold is bright yellow and heavy, so gold nuggets are usually much heavier than other similarly sized rocks. They may also have quartz or other minerals attached, as gold often forms in association with other minerals. In fact, natural Alaskan gold is typically 75% to 95% pure, or 18k to 22k.


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