“Bug-Out-Bag” of Original U.S. Silver Coins

“Bug-Out-Bag” of Original U.S. Silver Coins



We purchase original U.S. silver coins from our customers throughout Alaska. These 90% silver dimes, quarters and half dollars were minted in 1964 and earlier. Most were used in circulation here in Alaska back in the day. They are in good condition, dates will vary. We fill these bags with different amounts of coins to match your price, each dollar of face value weighs .72 oz pure silver.  Comes packaged in your choice of black, blue or green custom drawstring pouch with our “bugout” logo imprint.

Investing in 90% U.S. silver coins, also known as “junk silver,” can be a practical and historically significant strategy for diversifying one’s investment portfolio. These coins, primarily minted before 1965, often include dimes, quarters, and half dollars containing 90% silver content. While not as refined as modern bullion, their lower premium over spot prices can make them an affordable option for those looking to accumulate silver. The coins’ intrinsic silver value and recognizable designs provide a tangible connection to the past, appealing to both collectors and investors. Their historical significance and potential as a hedge against economic volatility make 90% U.S. silver coins an intriguing choice for those seeking to add a unique component to their investment holdings.

These coins were not minted here at the Alaska Mint.

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