“Alaskan Golden Skull” Pendant in 18k Yellow & White Gold

“Alaskan Golden Skull” Pendant in 18k Yellow & White Gold


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Check out this “Alaskan Golden Skull” pendant. When we got this gold nugget in, it made us think of a golden skull from the first time we saw it. when we are lucky enough to find an interesting shape like this, we like to design something very special. We made this pendant using 18k yellow and white gold with .35 carats of ruby eyes. The weight of the raw nugget itself is 2.1 dwt!  This “Alaska’s Golden Skull” pendant is 3/4” tall.

On any given day, local gold miners will come into our shop throughout the year with the gold nuggets they mined that season. We look

Most of the gold mined in the world is from “hard rock mining” where rock is crushed using big machines and small particles of gold are separated out. This is the most cost-efficient way to extract gold. The problem with this process is that it destroys these beautiful pieces of art. We like to preserve them and make them into unique jewelry.

Chain Options

Pendants include a chain. You can upgrade the chain to a custom look:

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