4 Piece Silver Hand Poured Assay Bar

4 Piece Silver Hand Poured Assay Bar


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This 4 piece assay bar weighs approximately 8 oz. total, each piece is made of about 2 oz. of pure silver. Then we strike our BIG 4 medallion design on them. We do the entire process 100% in-house, all the way down to cutting the different mold designs. We pour them right out in front of our store in downtown Anchorage. Since these are poured outside, the texture and weight of the bars will vary due to the changing conditions of the weather. This makes every bar unique and no two bars will look exactly the same. We individually weigh each bar and stamp the exact weight. When we mint our medallions, we have about a 40% rejection rate. This means if we mint 10 medallions, 4 of them will have flaws that don’t pass our quality control standard. We keep these rejects and then we melt them down and pour them into different shaped bars. This is our fun way of recycling, we get to turn something flawed into a piece of art.