1912s U.S. $10.00 Indian Head Gold Coin

1912s U.S. $10.00 Indian Head Gold Coin


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Just purchased from a collector in Sitka, Alaska.  This 1912s U.S. $10 gold coin was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and minted at the famous San Fransisco Mint. This pattern is considered by many collectors to be the most beautiful $10 gold piece ever made. It has been owned by the same family in Sitka for more than 50 years. It is in VF-XF condition (very fine to extra fine) and will be a great addition to your collection. Even though the coin was made almost 110 years ago, and is in fantastic condition, it sells for just a few dollars over the market price of gold.

These coins were not minted here at the Alaska Mint.

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