Custom Medallions

Custom Medallions

Have your own custom medallion minted to commemorate special events, weddings, anniversaries, corporate gifts or safety awards. They can be made out of silver, gold, gold relief (24k gold plating on silver medallion), or non-precious metals (bronze, copper, nickel).

You can give us your design or we can help you design it. We can also use a photograph to make the design. This is a great way to commemorate wedding anniversaries. Time frame is normally 4-8 weeks. Two-dimensional designs may be able to be completed even earlier.

For a price quote email the following information:

    • The design or a description of the design. Do you have 2 custom sides, or do you want to use one of our stock designs on the reverse?
    • Quantity
    • Size: the standard is 1 ½ inches (similar to a US silver dollar)
    • Metal Type: silver, gold, gold relief, non-precious
    • Packaging: Silver, gold relief and gold are quoted packaged in airtight container and box. Non-precious metals are quoted without packaging unless requested.
    • Date needed, if for an event.

Please feel free to call us toll-free for more information at 1-800-770-6468.