Natural Gold Nugget Pendant with 18k Yellow Gold Frame


Natural Gold Nugget Pendant with 18k Yellow Gold Frame

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This nugget pendant is approximately 1.75 inches tall and features a custom made 18k gold frame that is custom fit around the nugget. The nugget weighs 6.2 dwt and is a good size for either a man or a woman. The total weight of the pendant is 9.2 dwt. This gold nugget is a one of a kind pendant. It will definitely be conversation starter and comes with 14k gold-filled chain.

On any given day, local gold miners will come in to our shop throughout the year with the gold nuggets they mined that season. We look through their stash and choose the very best nuggets to make into pendants. These are natural pieces of “placer gold” which means they are mined from the rivers and streams around Alaska. Otherwise known as the “Klondike”. Finding gold nuggets in their natural state is very rare. In fact, gold nuggets make up only 2% of all gold that is found. These nuggets themselves will vary in purity from about 75% to 95% pure gold, or 18k-22k. Due to the fact that these pieces are completely natural, other minerals can sometimes be