Men’s White Gold Ring with Natural Gold & Platinum Nuggets

Men’s White Gold Ring with Natural Gold & Platinum Nuggets


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Men’s 14k white gold ring set with natural gold and platinum nuggets. Platinum nuggets are extremely rare.  Our jeweler, Mark Castagnoli, specializes in solid, heavy weight men’s items. He makes many of his rings in a square shape, which is more comfortable than the traditional round shape for many men. This ring is 10.5mm wide, size 13, and weighs 13 dwt. The black area on the photo is a flash from the camera and is not on the ring.

Mark Castagnoli is involved with unique aspects of both the mining industry and the creation of fine jewellery products.  His formative years in trade were based on prospecting and mining.  His focus is on creating substantial jewellery involving rare, collectable materials in their natural state.  The use of natural color and texture in precious metals is his speciality.  Utilizing material such as gem quality meteorite, dinosaur bone, natural gold and platinum has an unquestionable appeal to all.  Mark continues to design new lines of fine jewellery involving natural placer gold that has been produced by mercury free artisanal gold miners.

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