Certified Natural Alaskan Gold Nugget 12.1 DWT

Certified Natural Alaskan Gold Nugget 12.1 DWT


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This natural Alaskan gold nugget was found near Medfra, a town along the Iditarod trail in western Alaska. People have been mining in this area for about 100 years. It is about 1.5″ long, 3/4″ wide and 1/4″ thick. It weighs 12.1 DWT (over 1/2 troy ounce)
Because of our low prices, this gold sells quickly, if we do not have this exact nugget in stock we will find something comparable for you.

Natural gold has other metals mixed with it, including silver and platinum.

Most of our nuggets are between 70% to 95% pure gold. You can request nuggets from different areas of the state and will notice that the color and texture varies from mine to mine. Our certified nuggets start at $30.00 and go up to several thousand dollars depending on the nugget size and the market price of gold. Our nuggets are weighd in pennyweight (DWT) 1 pennyweight equals 1.55 grams, 20 pennyweights equal 1 troy ounce. We negotiate with the miners to get the best price possible, but because of their rarity, natural nuggets sell for more than the daily price of gold, in fact, the larger the nugget, the more per ounce it costs.

We are able to sell gold dust and tiny nuggets at about 10% over the market price of gold, call for availability. For larger nuggets please call us at 1-800-770-6468

Product Code: SNUG12.1

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