Silver Hand Poured Easter Egg

Silver Hand Poured Easter Egg


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A great way to get your kids, or yourself, investing in silver. This egg shaped assay bar weighs approximately 2.5 to 3 oz. of pure silver and is about 1.25 inches tall. We made a special mold for this 3-dimensional egg and pour them right here in our shop. Because the whole process is done by hand, every bar is unique and no two bars will look or weigh exactly the same. The base is not large enough to stamp all of our information, it simply has .999FS (fine silver)  Our silver egg comes packaged as shown inside a colorful plastic egg with decorative paper grass. These are individually made by hand and take extra time to produce.

When we mint our medallions, we have about a 20-30% rejection rate. This means if we mint 10 medallions, 2 or 3 of them will have flaws that don’t pass our quality control standard. We keep these rejects and then we melt them down and pour them into different shaped bars. This is our fun way of recycling, we get to turn something flawed into a piece of art.

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