2022 Alaskan Cruise Ship Medallion

2022 Alaskan Cruise Ship Medallion


Cruise ships are heading back to Alaska this summer! 

Commemorate your adventure to Alaska. This cruise ship medallion features the ship sitting near a glacier enjoying the view that is only available on board an Alaskan cruise.  Alaska cruises offer a unique combination of wilderness and luxury, making them an ideal way to see the state, and for much of Alaska, the only way.  Alaska’s Inside Passage is over 1000 mile group of pristine islands that can only be accessed by air or water travel.

This medallion is available in pure copper, 1 ounce .999 fine silver, 1 oz single gold relief (24k plating on part of the silver coin) and 1 oz. double gold relief (24k gold plating on both sides). It is similar  in size to a silver dollar and is packaged in an airtight container and handsome gift box. The reverse is our Land of the Midnight Sun design.


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