1 oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

1 oz. Silver Canadian Maple Leaf


If you want to invest in silver, these 1 oz silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins are a great way to do it. They sell for only a few dollars above the market price of silver.  Investing in Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins offers a trusted and globally recognized opportunity to engage with the precious metals market. These coins, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint, are renowned for their exceptional purity and intricate design featuring the iconic maple leaf. With their one-ounce silver content and government-backed assurance, they provide a tangible way to preserve wealth and potentially hedge against economic uncertainties. The international recognition and liquidity of Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins make them an appealing choice for both collectors and investors seeking exposure to silver.

These coins were not minted here at the Alaska Mint, coin dates will vary.

Product Code: MAPLE

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